Kirtan or devotional chanting is a central practice in Bhakti Yoga, one of the four classical paths of Yoga.

Chanting can transform emotions into devotion, and put aside the mind to open the heart and gain access to a profound and yet very natural state of inner bliss.

Kirtan is an excellent way to sooth the nerves and to calm down the mind. 

Kirtan is originally practiced with Sanskrit mantras but it can really be done in any language, as long as the feeling and mental attitude is there.

If you are practicing devotional chanting for the first time, it can sometimes feel a little awkward in the beginning. But as soon as this phase is passed, the first effects can be felt quite quickly and you can really feel a deep inner joy radiating from the heart center.


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Mantras - Music - Magic at Avant Garde

Branford, CT

Join us for an uplifting night of both serene and upbeat kirtan chanting and sacred music sure to be a wonderful journey to the heart center.

All are welcome to come sing out, dance, clap, meditate, relax, and enjoy being in the beautiful Avant Garde. A great place to gather in community!

$20 investment for a break from the chaos to soak up peace, joy and love.

Please contact Ron to save your spot - Call: (203)-481-8443 E-mail: