"Sita" Miriam Zernis

Sita (lead vocals and harmonium) is an inspirational teacher and dedicated Bhakta who has been joyfully guiding a deep and heart-opening kirtan experience since 2007  in NY, CT, CA, Costa Rica, Europe, and Canada. She mystically and effortlessly transports a group into a place of inner peace and tranquility while making each event accessible for all levels of experience and curiosity. Her kirtans are a soulful and unique combination of traditional old-world and original chants and spiritual songs framed by eclectic instrumentals. She is joined by several talented musicians on the same mission of spreading peace and joy in the world. 

Sita has been practicing classical yoga since 1995 and teaching since 2001. She is an internationally certified Sivananda Yoga Acharya, Reiki Master, and a certified Holistic Health Coach.  She stepped onto the Bhakti Yoga path in 2006, retiring from a 21-year career as an ABC News editor/writer.  


Andrew Ciarlelli 

Andrew is currently the guitarist for Sita’s Light Kirtan, playing a twelve-string acoustic-electric guitar that brings an element of rhythm, texture, and chordal glue to the overall tapestry of the call-and-response chants that bring so many people back to their heart center and the present moment. He started playing music at the age of 12 when his parents gifted him his first electric guitar and it’s been 'game on' ever since. His musical journey has evolved over the past 2 decades exploring multiple genres, other stringed instruments, and percussion instruments, collaborating with a number of talented musicians at a multitude of venues, composing and recording on several full-length records, traveling across the country to perform, and finding his center in the spirit of music. 

    Lydia Smith

Lydia is a lifelong CT resident who has been drumming all her life and believes that everyone can benefit from the joy of rhythm. She is a certified Remo’s HealthRHYTHMS Drum Circle Facilitator serving all populations and conducts drum circles all over the state and also has degrees in Creative Arts Therapy, Liberal Studies (Music, Education, Psychology), and Early Childhood Education. When she’s not playing with Sita’s Light, you can catch her in the US and abroad in a variety of rock and jazz bands, drum ensembles, church services, conferences, and accompanying university and high school musical productions. 

  Premik Russell Tubbs

Premik Russell Tubbs is an internationally acclaimed multi-instrumentalist who has collaborated with a who’s who list for over 3 decades. He is a master of soprano, tenor, and alto saxophones, all genres of flutes, as well as lap steel guitar, and is renowned in all arenas from jazz fusion to traditional eastern music, to his own soul-infused improvisations. Premik’s unique approach brings both a cosmic and spiritual vibe to the sound he projects. Check out much more about this wonderful maestro here: www.premikmusic.com. 

Photographers: Cory Goldberg and Peter Polomski


Walter Zernis AKA Wally Das


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